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Welcome to Rebecca Maley Coaching! Being a nurse for 29 years confirms one thing…there are endless possibilities in the nursing profession. Entering our profession is exciting but before long comes the reality of workplace stressors and obstacles. Understanding a few simple career strategies and putting them in place in your life can move you to the nursing career you’ve longed for.

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I help nursing students transition smoothly into the nursing profession. I am able to empower nurses already in the field to lift themselves to the roles they deserve. I can show nurses who feel frustrated or stuck on how to turn their careers into more optimal professional lives. Click the button below and let’s get started!


Rebecca’s suite of Healthcare Consulting services include Project Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Development, Advising, and Networking/Sales Support

Rebecca also provides career coaching and services to other Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Pre-med and medical students, Athletic Trainers, and Surgical Technicians

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