How to Make the Next Chapter in Your Nursing Career the Best One yet

Discover What It Takes to Feel Fulfilled in Your Job

As nurses, we all remember the challenges of nursing school…tough academics, rigorous clinicals and feeling the weight of human lives on our shoulders. Once school was done, we had to face the nursing boards which was yet another hurdle to overcome on the path to becoming a nurse. Once officially licensed, the vast nursing profession awaits! But, then what?

As exciting as being a nurse is, it’s also full of stressors, obstacles, and frustrations that are a big part of our profession. Having a certified career coach who also has 24 years of diverse nursing experience by your side can help show you how to turn your career into a more optimal professional life. I am ready to help you get to where you want to be in your career!

Have a True Expert by Your Side!

There’s no question I’m extremely proud of my diverse nursing background. From my first job 24 years ago on a Med/Surg unit to a Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department to an Apheresis Procedural Unit, my clinical skills and bedside care were invaluable. Looking for a change from the clinical setting, I moved on to the academic side of nursing as a Student Success Coordinator where I worked closely with hundreds of nursing students as they navigated their way through school and into the real world. In working with our students, it just hit me…….I was an extremely valuable career guidance resource for nursing students and professional nurses!

I realized I never had the kind of support that I was now providing…….support from a true expert. I want to help others experience the career results they deserve and I truly believe having an experienced coach by your side can change everything for the better.